What does a Realtor do?

If a Realtor is a master at their craft, today’s discussion is all about just that, what they do and what you should expect from them.


Oh, the behind the scenes planning.

Checking off what needs to get done on the checklist; checking it twice.

It’s like the well-oiled machine that operates without problems.

How your home selling process seems to flow effortlessly towards closing is all about the Realtor’s proper planning; knowing what needs to get done and when. Having done this hundreds of times before, will enable the Realtor to move your home sale through the various home selling stages, while keeping your involvement to a minimum, knowing what you expect and want from the sale of your home. Yet, at the same time, when you do want to know what’s going on, you’ll find that your Realtor is on the top of her/his game and can happily fill you in.

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now” – Alan Lakein

Planning involves analyzing the local Real Estate market to set the right list price. Planning involves making your home presentable. Planning involves a marketing plan to reach prospective Buyers. Planning involves setting up a showing system to schedule Buyer visits to your home. Planning involves being made available to communicate effectively and timely with Buyer’s and their Realtor inquiries via phone, email and text. Planning involves scheduling and attending the Buyer’s home inspections. Planning involves scheduling Buyer’s Lender’s appraisal and providing market data of nearby home sales to support purchase price to aid Appraiser. Planning involves knowing what the next 7 things inherent to a home sale are and how to not let them get the sale trapped up and cloudy … it’s all about maintaining clarity of the job at hand; selling a home.

Educate Yourself

To win customers you must be trusted. It’s that simple. In Real Estate, it’s all about servicing the needs of those seeking to sell a home or buy a home.

As Real Estate Agents, we can relate to foundations as all homes have a foundation from which a home is built upon to provide safety and security for its family, securing its well being.

It’s about your potential as a Real Estate Agent and how we can grow to our greatest potential. This is not completed willy nilly, but rather on how we go about sharpening our axes to become a better Real Estate Agent.

Educate Yourself

What can you learn and just how do you learn?

There’s a lot to learn and as a Real Estate Agent you have to be willing to learn all that you can to represent home Sellers and home Buyers. It’s not something that you do willy nilly. Understand that this Real Estate sale and/or purchase is likely someone’s largest financial transaction in their lifetime. This is not something you handle carelessly and without high regard. You need to take it very seriously and realize your actions or inactions can have an adverse effect.

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So you have a Real Estate license and you’re now ready to sell homes! Hold on, no you’re not ready. Even if you’ve signed on with a Brokerage who really doesn’t provide you with any training it is still your responsibility to learn your business. You are now a business owner. You have an ethical and moral obligation to your customers – it’s the right thing to do.